Canadian Architectural Symposium



9th Annual Saint-Gobain Architectural Symposium

Phoebe Kwan

Phoebe Kwan is the General Manager of Saint-Gobain Solar Solutions. She is responsible for all solar activity at Saint-Gobain North America, including CertainTeed Solar. Phoebe has nearly 20 years of experience in launching and growing global businesses ranging from solar, industrial, 3D printing, and smart sensors. She has held numerous business and technical executive positions at Fortune 500 and startup companies. Most recently, she was CEO and President of Datacule, an early-stage Harvard University spin-off based in Boston, MA.  Phoebe holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Stan Gatland

Stan Gatland is the Manager of Building Science and Comfort for Saint-Gobain North America. He is responsible for leading projects that focus on developing, demonstrating and connecting the performance of CertainTeed / Saint-Gobain products and systems to the performance of residential and commercial buildings regarding indoor environmental quality and occupant comfort. Stan has over 25 years of experience and expertise in building science and architectural acoustics with an extensive national and international network of professional contacts in the fields of building science, energy efficiency, heat and moisture transfer, environmental acoustics and fire performance. He is an accomplished speaker with over 90 publications. Stan holds both a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.


Rick Brehm

Rick Brehm is a Commercial Roofing Product Manager for Certainteed focusing on the specification side of the business. He has been in commercial roofing sales and product management for 42 years. He has a background in the building envelope with considerable knowledge of commercial roofing systems, air and vapor barriers, and below-grade waterproofing. He has both hands-on material application and field technical problem solving experience. He gives highly rated AIA presentations and training seminars. Besides working for manufacturers, Rick has also spent time in distribution and working for a contractor. He is proficient in helping to design and specify waterproofing systems that solve problems efficiently and cost effectively. He believes that a holistic approach to moisture control coupled with effective communication between all participants in the construction process, from design to execution, leads to success.

Martin Durivage

Martin Durivage

Martin Durivage has worked with architects for 30 years. He is known for his passion for architecture and facade design. He has been creating, managing and delivering optimal Saint-Gobain Glass Facade specifications for 6 years now.

Low Carbon Glass will now be a part of the language for optimal Glass Facade design and specifications. Martin will guide you trough this new and unique opportunity!


Todd Brady

Todd is a 3rd generation specialty contractor, and metal framer. Inventor and entrepreneur with 14 patents in the steel framing industry. Todd is experienced in running large construction companies but loves the challenge and excitement of start up business. Todd does everything from product development to marketing to architectural AIA educational programs. Sales teams training and team building exercises to maximize market penetration and profits.


Ken Sobel

Ken Sobel is Founder and CEO at Hyperframe, a startup firm that is developing ultra-labor-efficient building materials for the construction industry. Its product – a commercial metal wall framing system – can be installed using just one tool: a mixed reality headset. By wedding prefabricated materials with its mixed reality instruction system, Hyperframe can be installed over 10x faster than traditional wall framing products.

With a background in mechanical engineering and software development, Mr. Sobel leads a team of seven employees at Hyperframe. His firm has raised over $9 million in venture funding from notable investors including Saint-Gobain, Blackhorn Ventures, and Hometeam Ventures.


Robert Marshall

Robert Marshall is the Sr. Technical Manager for CertainTeed Architectural Products and has been a ceiling industry professional since 1969.

Robert is the product of one of world’s first acoustic ceiling contracting firms; a family business founded before the current ceiling manufacturers existed. Essentially, Mr. Marshall learned the nuances of the commercial ceiling industry from those who invented it.


Ted Winslow

Ted Winslow is the Brand Product Manager of Building Science, Systems and Technical Marketing for CertainTeed Insulation. He has been involved in the building industry for over 16 years with various residential and commercial product manufacturers. Ted strives to understand all aspects of building physics and works to develop products, systems and solutions tailored towards the needs of today’s building professionals through continuous engagement with a variety of trade organizations, working in the field with builders & contractors, producing building science content and by providing training for the building industry. He received a BS in Mechanical Engineering at Temple University.